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Jo Ann Kricker  -  Park Ranger
Fair Hill NRMA
300 Tawes Drive
Elkton MD   21921
Office  410-398-1246  ext  104
Fax  410-392-6259

LAR Trailer
Rescue Glide
LAR Training
Rescue Da Vinci Equine Emergency Transport LLC
Nicole Ehrentraut, Team Leader    301-335-2340 (phone and text)
Post Office Box 882
Poolesville MD   20837
Serving Mid Atlantic States and Beyond by Case
On Call 24/7
State of the Art Equine Ambulance
Large Animal Emergency Response
Emergency and Casual Transport
Mobile Ambulatory Unit for Large Equine Events
Carcass Removal
Education on LAERT for first responders and public
Maryland/Virginia contact for yearly TLAER courses