Type Map Organization Services
Rescue Least Resistance Training Concepts
11345 Silver Lane
Stagecoach, NV 89429
Team Supervisor: 775-721-2332
24-hour hot line (answering service): 775-352-3944
Nevada Highway Patrol Comm. Ctr.: 775-687-0400
Serving northwestern Nevada and adjacent California counties.
(308 calls for service in 2019.  255 calls so far in 2020.)

Technical Large Animal Rescue
Traffic Incidents involving livestock
Water rescues
Bogged horse rescues
Low angle rope rescue
Fire evacuations
Flood evacuations
Equestrian accidents
Loose animal recovery
Emergency transport

Strike team of stock trailers
Rescue 1: Washoe County
Rescue 3: Lyon County
Hybrid Rescue/Transport 11:  Douglas County
Special Operations Support Unit: Lyon County
Incident Support Unit: Lyon  County
Panel Trailer 1: Lyon County
Panel Trailer 2: Washoe County
Water Supply 1: Lyon County