Large Animal Emergency Rescue Equipment Providers
The individuals or organizations listed below either manufacture or distribute large animal emergency rescue equipment.
Their listing here is not an endorsement of their products.  One should always evaluate the equipment based on wide
spread usage and peer review along side publicized load ratings.  Choose your rescue equipment wisely.
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teal.  To add your company click on this link:  LAERN Rescue Equipment Provider
Company or Individual Equipment Available
CMC Rescue General Rope Rescue Equipment
Häst PSC Becker Sling with either Standard or "Instant Release" Spread Bar
Water Rescue Harness
Rescue Straps
Häst Rescue Frames - Tripod, Bipod, and Monopod
Large Animal Rescue Resource Company  (LARRCo) Your complete source for all types of large animal rescue equipment,
including Rescue Mannequins, Slings, Tripods, Glides, other accessories,
and many types of general rescue equipment.
Large Animal Rescue Glide Equipment Rescue Glides  -  Custom sizes available
Rescue Direct General Rope Rescue Equipment